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Competitors for government tenders must show commitment to apprenticeships

Sep 09, 2015

Following UK Prime Minister, David Cameron's announcement that all bids for government contracts above £10m, must highlight a commitment to apprenticeships, Thornton & Lowe Bid Manager, Charles Grosstephan, discusses the impact it may have on those wanting to bid. We have seen in the news these announcements that from 1st September 2015, that bids would be reviewed with more focus on apprenticeships. The Crown Commercial Service is set to publish details soon. These announcements come as part of a wider programme to boost the number of apprenticeships to 3 million within the next five years. This also highlights an 'apprenticeship levy', which will be paid to large employers, with a view to increasing investment in training. As written in the statement, it's for contracts above £10m but even now, we see this type expectation in lower-value contracts. What we also anticipate to happen is large suppliers filtering these requirements through their own supply chain. The Prime Minister has also been quoted as saying on apprentices: "The greatest asset any employer has in their workforce, and by investing them, they are investing in the success and future of their business."
Now, in any a proposals, we have heard from the Department for Business that Innovation and Skills (BIS) will be assessed and weighted alongside other elements relevant to the contract.
Any successful bidder will then have its agreed apprenticeship numbers written into a contract schedule, which can be monitored and necessary action taken if numbers are not met. Apprenticeship levy consultation is set to close on 2nd October 2015, where we will wait to hear the results.
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