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Construction expansion

Sep 20, 2013

We've just been reading an article published online about how the construction sector has expanded continually over the last few months. News like this should really be embraced, particularly when we are usually given the impression in the media of only doom and gloom in the economy. For the full article, click here. The expansion of this sector means that the spend in this sector is also increasing, meaning more and more opportunities for the entire supply chain involved. So, this will include everyone, from huge organisations right through to SMEs and even smaller operators. It's always warming to hear of positive developments and growth. We have a number of construction clients, so it is great to know that we are helping them be part of this national growth. Often, SMEs are put off from the tender process due to the work involved in completing a bid and the perception of the myths associated with tendering. For example, "the Council only gives work to big companies"; and "the tender is deliberately too complicated because the Council already know who they want to use". We write everyday for a huge range of clients. These myths are exactly that - myths. Councils want value for money, meaning smaller operators are ideally placed to deliver high quality services at great value.

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