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Creating a winning bid

May 13, 2013

Creating a winning bid starts earlier than you might think. Like any task - you will need to be organised! If you leave the bid to the last minute you will immediately reduce your chances of success. As soon as you are aware of the opportunity or are invited to tender, start planning! Look at the questions to see: 1) How much time are you likely to need to complete? 2) What information do you need? 3) Where are you going to get the information from? For example, a 10 question bid will differ in planning to a 30 question bid. Tenders can be daunting but if you plan your bid - break it down in to bite size chunks - you'll find the whole process much easier. If you need to be getting information facts and figures from other areas in your business, make sure you contact your colleagues in plenty of time - giving them the time to get the data that you need.

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