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Mar 30, 2015

Our team of in-house tender professionals has supported a new client in the forestry sector with a PQQ submission, which has seen them invited to tender on a 'big' contract with Network Rail! The team used the skills at their disposal to chop, prune and clear through a raft of documents and industry-specific jargon to tease out the right information, in order to pull together a successful submission. You would think that clearing vegetation is a simple procedure, but in the rail sector, this isn't the case. Our 'crack squad' of tender professionals worked closely with the client to highlight technical data and processes which show the specific approaches to the safe removal of vegetation without anyone getting hurt or injured. This was backed up with industry-specific health and safety procedures, documents, forms and policies. Next up is the Invitation to Tender, where the team will develop the foundations built during the PQQ process, in order to create the best-possible submission. Thornton & Lowe works with a range of clients to help them through the tender process. If your business is looking to enter the world of public-sector procurement, please contact one of our offices across the UK for more information on how we can help. Greater Manchester: 01204 238 046, Central Scotland: 01334 208 312, Midlands: 0121 523 1051, email:

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