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Improving your tenders

Apr 22, 2013

A recent article published online subtly suggested a way by which you can improve your tenders. We are seeing, more and more, questions about how you, as a service provider and/or supplier, interact with voluntary organisations. This subject is often fairly alien to businesses, but it is something that should not be out of your reach. For example, in the Bolton area, there is an organisation who will collect waste cardboard and paper at no additional cost to you. As another example, there are companies who can recycle waste composite material for manufacturers using carbon fibre in their production. The article indicates that you, as a supplier, need to start really working with these types of organisations within your own supply chain. So - in the matter of a tender, if you can say that you "work with a voluntary organisation on a monthly basis to recycle all your waste cardboard", you will score higher than a competitor who responds with "we are looking at expanding our involvement with voluntary organisations". For the full article, click here

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