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Local authorities switch to standardised prequalification

Sep 01, 2016

A recent survey of English Local Authorities, conducted by the Specialist Engineers Contractors Group, found that 27% are now using the PAS 91 standard pre-qualification questionnaire exclusively. A further 36% are using the standard questionnaire published by the Crown Commercial Service. The PAS 91 standard pre-qualification questionnaire aims to save firms across the UK almost £1billion by standardisation and minimising duplication. The SEC Group is urging the Government to make use of the PAS 91 a regulatory requirement under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. Although the PAS 91 is gaining momentum, as of yet, there is no standardised way for local authorities to assess a firm’s technical capabilities. Only 6% of authorities valued trade association membership, while 18% relied on references. A further 20% relied on information about previous experience. The Group’s CEO, Professor Rudi Klein, said: “I take heart from the fact that more and more councils are now using standard pre-qualification. I hope this trend continues” Read the article here. Using our experience in over 125 business sectors, Thornton & Lowe have developed an extensive range of bid management, consultancy and business mentoring services, providing end-to-end bid support for our clients. With an 80% + success rate in tendering and a 90% + success rate for PQQ assessments, look to Thornton & Lowe for help. If you require bid writing training or simply support responding to a PQQ or tender, then please contact us.

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