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Making the most out of policies for PQQ/ITT

May 29, 2012

Often when completing a PQQ or ITT (tender) an authority, whether that be the Local Authority, Council, Housing Association, MOD, NHS etc. will ask you to attach some key policies and procedures. These can differ but largely include:
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Equality and Diversity Strategy
  • Environmental Policy (or management system)
  • Quality Policy (or management system)
  • Business Continuity Plan.
These are often pass/fail questions. So if you have them in place and they are appropriate and up to date you will pass that particular section of the tender (PQQ or ITT). We do find however that these sections can hold a weighting - so you are scored on the quality of your documentation. We provide different documentation, which is in line with best practice but one the main areas we have noticed some suppliers are regularly scored down on in this area is their system for document control and updates. For this reason please note when attaching strategies, policies and procedures for a PQQ or ITT your documentation should:
  • Be dated and signed
  • Clearly reference what version it is (e.g. version 3 - which shows you regularly update the policy)
  • And why it has been updated - so what changes were made. E.g updated in line with Equality Act 2010.
Having this clearly stated at the start of your document will reflect well upon the organisation and can be a quick win in terms of maximising marks:
Reason for raised issue
If you would like any help with policy development, please contact us.

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