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Jun 04, 2015

A busy month of May saw Thornton & Lowe successfully help clients secure framework agreements, with a value of over £70m. Throughout the month, thanks to the ability of our in-house bid-writing professionals, the team boasted a success rate of 83%, which is down to their wealth of experience, and the tools they have at their disposal. Since 2009, Thornton & Lowe has been guiding both smaller and blue-chip clients through the tender minefield, giving them the opportunity to access funds they never thought they could, as well as making sure their submission is one step ahead of the competition. May saw the team tackle a range of projects on a wide variety of industry sectors, including domiciliary care, electrical, construction, transport, conservation, as well as plumbing and heating tenders, which highlights the experience of our team. Director, Dave Thornton, was delighted with the month's work. He said: “Our organisation is all about understanding what our clients need and are looking for, then showcasing the great work they do through a compelling bid. “Thanks to the efforts and tenacity of our team of in-house tender professionals, we continue to create successful submissions which are rich in content, and armed to the teeth with evidence. This is then wrapped up in a nice package with a bow as it’s about the complete offering, both style and substance, and that’s what we achieve.” Email us at or call us at one of our offices across the UK; Greater Manchester – 01204 238 046, Midlands – 0121 523 1051, Central Scotland – 01334 208 312, North East - 0191 510 5054, London - 0203 405 1850.

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