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Shaw Report marks major changes for Rail Sector

Apr 13, 2016

A report into the future of Network Rail has rejected privatising the company and has alternatively focused on devolving responsibility to its main operating routes and attracting further private sector investment. The Shaw report, by High Speed 1 (HS1) CEO Nicola show, has also called for a new dedicated route for the north of England. The report calls for the creation of a ‘Route Service Directorate’ in order to maintain the benefits of economies of scale, within a system where more responsibility is devolved to the main geographical routes. The report states that a ‘Route Service Directorate’ would act as a provider to the routes of services for which economies of scale or scope might be retained through centralised delivery, or for which a degree of network-wide coordination is needed”. The Route Service Directorate would procure specialist resources such as Network Rail’s yellow plant, which has equipment to monitor and maintain the state of lines and infrastructure. The report called for better long-term planning in rail policy. It states that a longer-term understanding of political priorities, for example, the timescales of major innovations such as introducing digitised signalling, would give the supply chain sufficient lead time to train delivery staff. The report also proposed for a virtual freight route to stand alongside the devolved geographical routes and manage relationships between freight operators and the other routes. This new freight route would help develop and implement freight policy, manage freight performance and ensure that freight operators are not overlooked. It would offer freight companies and customers a single point of contact to arrange access to multiple routes and engage in very short-term train planning. You can find more information here. Operating in over 125 business sectors, Thornton & Lowe provide a complete range of bid management, consultancy and business mentoring services, supporting our clients to bid for and win public and private sector contracts. Our highly successful bid management function ranges from developing high level bid strategies, qualifications tools and training, to assist our clients with PQQs, ITTs and proposals. You can contact a member of our bid-management team at one of our offices across the UK. Greater Manchester – 01204 238 096, Midlands – 0121 523 1051, Central Scotland – 01334 208 312, North East – 0191 580 0636, London – 203 405 1850 or email:

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