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Dec 15, 2014

One of our shop-fitting and joinery clients has been rewarded with the continuation of a significant tender with the Post Office, thanks to the work of our expert team of in-house bid professionals. The client, who was one of the incumbents, was last successful thanks to the help of our bid-writing team in 2012. As the contract was up for renewal, the client pulled out all the stops to make sure they secured the contract for a second term, and their submission was the best it could be to meet that aim. Now the green light has been given, they will continue to design, manufacture and install new counters, as well as security screens for both Crown and non-Crown Post Offices in Yorkshire. The client will continue to work with central staff at the Post Office to make sure that screens and counters meet the needs of counter colleagues working in branch, they’re accessible to customers and meet the necessary health, safety and operational guidelines. If a contract that you're currently on is up for renewal, and you want to increase your chances of success, please contact us at one of our national offices; Greater Manchester: 01204 238 096, Central Scotland: 01334 208 312, Midlands: 0121 523 1051, email:, or visit

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