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Taking a considered approach to tendering

Jul 20, 2012

Following up on our blog about planning your tenders, many of our clients now take a more considered approach to tendering. Rather than wanting us to help at last minute, they use our expertise to ensure they have the core requirements ready so that when a tender is published time can be spent tailoring responses, adding value, highlighting USP's (unique selling points). This has a considerable impact. We tend to develop a library of best practice information, which includes considering processes that could be put in place and evidenced, this could relate to Equality & Diversity, Health & Safety, training, contract management, etc. or simply improving the current set of information relating to 'those common questions', which hold high marks. This has 2 main benefits:
  • the client has a set of information they can use, which reduces the amount of time it takes to complete PQQs and tenders
  • the response as result of being more planned and considered is better. Both in terms of text and evidence but also design and structure (making the client standout).
To discuss how we can help you to make your tendering more effective, contact us on 0845 862 0154 or 01204 238 046.

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