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Successful EU Visits

Jun 18, 2019

Thornton & Lowe has recently visited several EU partners, across both Ireland and Germany, strengthening bonds between businesses and expanding our reach out with the UK.

We were honoured to be invited to Paderborn in Germany, a town twinned with Bolton, as part of a cultural exchange, discussing concerns over relationships between the towns post-Brexit. The Anglo-German Club invited a group of carefully-selected leading local business owners, of which our Director Dave Thornton was proud to be one, to consider a range of matters effecting both towns. Representatives from the fields of business, education, religion, arts, sport and culture were present.

This valuable cultural exchange allowed delegates from across Europe to come together in a casual setting to discover common business interest and develop unique innovative ideas all geared towards potential future collaboration. Dave met some key associates and looks forward to helping with this vital partnership between Bolton and Paderborn.

Our other Director, Tom Anderson, has also been travelling, making connections in Galway through attending the 2019 Galway Chamber Business Lunch. This event brought together over 120 business leaders from the Galway region. A fantastic opportunity to network, Tom thoroughly enjoyed meeting Chamber members and Business leaders; we are confident from this we will see further growth in our business abroad.

Working in different countries and adapting to different business cultures allows us to grow and continually challenge our own knowledge. As we celebrate 10 years in business in 2019, we are excited to expand our reach further and be able to support businesses both in the UK and further afield.

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