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Thornton & Lowe’s New Birmingham Office

Jun 10, 2014

Thornton & Lowe is always looking for opportunities to expand. That’s why we’re delighted to announce the opening of our new office in Birmingham, allowing us to work with a number of clients seeking contract opportunities in the West Midlands. We are dedicated to seeing businesses throughout the UK get the most out of our services, to ensure that bids for tender across the country are won by the very best candidates, who otherwise may be overlooked. Our movement into the West Midlands is the next step for us, having recently expanded into the Scottish horizons of sunny Fife, working with clients to secure contracts in Falkirk, East Dunbartonshire and East Ayrshire. What’s really exciting about opening a Birmingham office is that we can help companies to get involved with some significant projects that are upcoming around the city. Over the next few years, Birmingham’s transport infrastructure is set to be overhauled. The Second City will be a focal point of the highly ambitious High Speed 2 (HS2) project, with work on the revolutionary railway expected to get underway in 2017. Birmingham will be one of the four cities that HS2 will link to, alongside Manchester, Leeds and of course London. Birmingham New Street station is already undergoing a grandiose refurbishment worth £600 million. The campaign is worth potentially billions of pounds, which means attaining contracts will be extremely competitive. Luckily, Thornton & Lowe will be on hand to provide ISO-qualified, top quality service for the most valuable contract opportunities. Alongside the enhancement to the railways, there are also plans to expand the Midland Metro into Wolverhampton and beyond, with the prospect of bringing in £100 million worth of investment into the region. The Midland Metro is a promising innovation that will precede HS2 by better integrating public transport throughout the city and making commuting more straightforward and efficient. There’s currently a great deal of highway and road contracts being secured in and around the Midlands; recently a £260 million deal was agreed with a consortium to deliver a range of projects over the next few years. We believe that this new work is promising for clients who are seeking to secure future contracts in construction. The transport overhaul in Birmingham will be exponential in the coming months, opening up a number of requests for tender that Thornton & Lowe will be at the heart of. We’re thrilled that our new location has opened up so many doors for both us and our clients. Birmingham is a large city that’s still growing, and as its population rises, so does its quantity of possibilities. The Second City is already an important British business hub, and by improving links with London, even more corporations will be following our lead by setting up a base in the West Midlands in the coming years. For more information, or to see how we can help your business, please contact Lisa Rathbone, our Birmingham-based business development expert on 0121 523 1051,, or write to The Jewellery Business Centre, 95 Spencer Street, Birmingham B18 6DA.

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