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What is eProcurement?

May 25, 2012


Purpose: To identify your organisation’s current eProcurement capabilities to ensure that your organisation can meet with eProcurement requirements. eProcurement refers to electronic methods used to purchase goods, works and services in order to maximise the benefits to both the authority and suppliers through efficient processes and prompt payment. Please Note: If an alternative approved system is utilised for a contract, for example for Social Care, and Construction related contracts, the Buyer will amend these standard questions as applicable with the appropriate requirements for that contract. Information on particular P2P processes for specific sectors such as Social Care can be requested from Purchase to Pay (P2P) Key questions for the Buyer:
  • Is the organisation able to accept email orders (which have been sent via IDeA:marketplace) to a single email account?
  • Does the organisation have a web browser facility capable of accessing IDeA:marketplace?
  • Can the organisation submit electronic invoices via IDeA:marketplace?
  • Can the organisation accept purchase cards (PCards)?
Typical Scoring/Assessment Pass/Fail. If you cannot meet the minimum standards but your organisation is currently developing its IT capabilities which will enable your organisation to meet with the requirements from the date of commencement of the contract then explain this and detail what action you are taking. That way, your PQQ response will not necessarily be rejected as a fail to meet minimum standards because you can show you are working towards it. Information typically requested:
  • These are straight forward Yes/No questions about your current eProcurement capabilities.
  • Ensure you have reliable access to the internet, and a web browser.
  • Set up a single email account for your organisation if you do not have one. Please note that one single email account must be provided for the organisation. For example multiple email addresses for different depots within/ across an organisation are not accepted.
  • Familiarise yourself with IDeA:marketplace, information on which can be found on our website and or within the draft eProcurement specification which accompanies the PQQ.
  • Ensure that you read the questions fully and that you are aware of the eProcurement requirements of the contract.
  • Take appropriate actions to meet these requirements before you respond to a PQQ.

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