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PQQ with added value

Jul 10, 2012

When we talk about "added value" in a tender, we are considering what further benefits can be applied to the service beyond those that are being asked for. Thornton and Lowe recently attended a presentation delivered by a local authority on the pressures and targets on sustainability. Sustainability is high on every local authority's agenda, and it provides a great opportunity for tenders to maximise scores. You can provide real added value to your tenders by emphasising what you and your company does for the environment, both locally and nationally. For example, local authorities are very keen on local re-investment. So, if your suppliers are local, and if your workforce is local, we would suggest that you really drive this across in your tender, and make sure the authority can see that added value. If you need any advice or support with your tenders, give us a call - 0845 862 0154

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